Hello everyone!! Hope you all are doing great! Today, I have a special guest for this post. As you might have guessed by the title, I have with me Varsha Seshan. She is an author and has written several books for children. Some of her books include Sisters at New Dawn; Dragonflies, Jigsaws and Seashells; Prophecy of Rasphora and The Story-Catcher. Do check out her books by clicking the links! She currently lives in Pune with her husband. I recently finished reading her book, Sisters at New Dawn, and thought it would be fun to interview her.

Sisters at New Dawn is a book about a pair of adopted sisters, Kannagi and Padma, and their life in a new school. Kannagi and Padma get into a school named New Dawn which is totally different compared to regular schools. This school has subjects like High chances of application, Real life skill, Pot of Gold, Powers of Sleepwalking, Maths and Beauty and so on. Kannagi, as she describes in the book, finds this school gloomy. But as time passes by, she starts liking the school. One thing that I liked was the positive way in which the girls went through bullying. Overall, this book is worth a shot!

(Here, S refers to me, Shreshta, and VS refers to Varsha Seshan. Also, I am used to calling her mam as I have been part of her creative writing program.)

S- Hello! Thank you so much for being here with me, mam.

VS- It is my pleasure to get interviewed by you, Shreshta!

S- The interview is divided into two parts. The first part contains questions related to your book, Sisters at New Dawn. Let’s get started!

1. Would you like to share a bit about your book?

VS- Yes! This is about a pair of sisters. My sister, Nisha, who is two years older than me, inspired me to write this book. People who know us and have read the book always feel like I am Kannagi and Nisha is like Padma. I also feel that female friendships are very strong. I have always loved the strength.

S- I have to agree with you here. Female bonding is very strong.

2.While reading, I was curious to know why you chose a pair of adopted siblings than biological siblings.

VS- In my book, I wanted to talk about the process of adoption. In most of the cases, it is shown that the children are upset because of getting adopted. I wanted the kids to feel normal with adoption. I wanted it to be a normal narrative about a pair of adopted sisters. To write about adoption, I had to talk to many parents who had gone through adoption.

S- I love your idea! It is true indeed that many films/books show that the kids are unhappy because they are adopted.

3. According to you, where is the story set?

VS- According to me, the story is set in Pune. They are a normal Tamil family living in Pune. I wanted it to have a diversity of population. For example, Aquila comes from a Malayalee family and Ishaan comes from a Maharashtrian family.

S- I relate to it because of the Hindi names. While I was reading, I thought it was set somewhere in South India because many Tamil terms were used like Patti and Thatha.

4. What inspired you to write this book?

VS- My sister, Nisha. I have always wanted to write about a pair of sisters.

S- Let us move on to the second part of this interview. Here, I will be asking you questions related to you and your life as an author. Here we go!:

  1. When did you decide you wanted to be a writer?

VS- I wanted to be a writer when I was very young. I wrote my first story when I was 7 ½ years old. That story got published in a newspaper. My parents were very supportive and always encouraged me to write. Most of the stories I wrote when I was young were inspired by Enid Blyton’s works.

S- Getting your story published in a newspaper must have been an awesome moment in your life!

2. As a writer, I have experienced the writer’s block. Have you ever had a writer’s block and what are your tips to get out of it?

VS- I think of writer’s block as an indulgence. I mostly get out of it in some time. I feel you should give yourself some time and ideas will gradually arise. If you don’t take some time off, you will end up doing something else.

S- 3. How do you balance your daily life with writing? And, do you follow a schedule?

VS- I do have a schedule but it keeps on changing. I am more of an early bird and wake up before 6 am. I like mornings the most especially the time between 6-11 am. Things do come in between but I make sure to write something everyday let it be a book I am working on or a blog post or even a poem.

S- 4. What do you like to do when you are not writing?

VS- I love to read. I like reading books made for children. They are so small yet amazing and I end up finishing it in half an hour. I practice and teach Bharatanatyam. I am a classical dancer for 27 years now. I also conduct reading programs for kids. Giving each student personalized feedback in their submissions also takes up some of my time.

S- 5. Do you have any favourite genres?

VS- I prefer slower books in general. Nowadays, you can find me reading Young Adult or middle grade books as they are there for my reading programs. I like a mixture of realism and fantasy. I am always a believer of magic.

S- 6.What is your advice as an author for all the budding authors in making out there?

VS- Always be open to feedback. Know that rejection is a part of writing. When you have sent something for publishing, start working on a new piece. The more you do, the better you get at it. Last but not least, keep writing!

S- Thank you so much for the advice. And thank you once again for being here, mam.

Thank you for reading! I hope you liked it! Share your views in the comments below 😊


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  1. Good one Shreshta , First time you have done the interview , but it doesn’t look so because of the way you handled the question ! Well prepared!

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