Let me begin with a question today. How many of you have a sibling? Do you face frequent conflicts with them? Do let me know in the comments below. I have a younger brother with whom I fight a lot. So, today’s book review is from the book named Big Red Lollipop and the plot is about siblings . This book is written by Rukhsana Khan and beautifully illustrated by Sophie Blackall.

One day, Rubina comes home from school with a birthday invitation in her hand and asks Ami( mother ) the permission to go. When she confesses to her mother, her sister, Sana, comes and starts asking Ami whether she could go with Rubina too. Rubina doesn’t want her to come, though Ami forces her to take Sana. At the party, Sana starts to cry whenever she loses a game and this embarrasses Rubina in front of her friends. When the party ends, everybody receives a gift bag in which there are candies, a ruby ring, a whistle and a big red lollipop. Sana eats her lollipop on the way home but Rubina saves it for later.

Where’s my lollipop???? Sanaaa!!!!!

But the next day, the lollipop is missing and Sana has eaten it. Rubina chases her the whole house until, Sana goes and hides behind Ami. Ami scolds Rubina for chasing her sister. A few days later, Sana gets a birthday invitation from her friend. Whether she goes, takes her younger sister Maryam enfolds the rest of the story.

I really liked the book and it’s one of my favourites. I love going to birthday parties and especially love the gift bags.This book has things that has been happening in my life. From the sibling problem to eating others food, everything happens to me and my brother. Fights apart, it also explains the bonding between siblings like the same way me and my brother are . I would highly recommend you to read this book and it’s very fascinating.

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