Good Day. I am so excited as this is my first book review. If you ask me who my role model is, I would proudly say that it’s Malala Yousafzai. I really admire her as she fights for the educational freedom for girls. So, today I will be reviewing the book – Malala’s Magic Pencil. I would dedicate this to Malala as today is her birthday. This book is written by Malala Yousafzai and magically illustrated by Kerascoët. 

At a young age, Malala watches a TV show in which a boy named Sanju has a magic pencil. He draws whatever he wishes for and it comes true. In the same way, Malala wishes for a magic pencil too. Every night she goes to bed and wishes for her pencil to appear the next day. But she doesn’t find her pencil. One day, she goes out to put some vegetable peels. When she goes out, she finds a garbage heap and sees kids of her age working on the heap. She wonders why they didn’t go to school. When she asks to her father about why they were working on the garbage heap, he replies that if they had gone to school, their parents would be left hungry. She then realizes that she was lucky enough to go to school. She tells to herself that, if she gets a magic pencil, she would change the world into a better place where each and every child gets proper education. Whether she finds her pencil and how she influences the world lies in the rest of the story.

I loved the way Malala wanted to fight for the freedom of girls and persuades her dream at a very young age. I really admired the illustrations as it makes me feel that magic is real and I do believe in magic. So, I would like to end by saying one of her quotes; One child, One teacher, One book and One pen can change the world .


8 thoughts on “Book Review – Malala’s Magic Pencil

  1. Great start, Shreshta! I wonder how it must be to live in a country where educating girls is seen as a bad thing!! What questions did you have while reading the book?

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