Hello there! Today, I am sharing with you a small story that I wrote using a prompt. And, this is the first time I am writing using a prompt. So I hope you enjoy! Also, I just hit 20 followers. Thank you for that! Here I present to you “The best prank ever!” Happy reading!📄😀

I completed my assignment, turned off the lights and went to sleep. I woke up to find my room covered in ice like Elsa’s room was in Frozen. I went to open the door but the nob was frigid and my fingers became numb. Luckily, my window was open and I knew a way of getting down. To my surprise, the streets were normal as they were. The problem was only with my house. I went to the windows in the front door and peeped into the living room. The living room was also normal. The issue was only with my room, I thought. SO, I climbed back to my room through my own secret way. Then, I went near my bedside table to check the time on my phone. It was 5:30 in the morning. Since it seemed very early, I laid down on my bed and started to scroll through Pinterest on my phone. I fell asleep after 20 minutes.

 When I woke up again, my room was in the way it used to be before it was frozen. I smiled with happiness and told myself that all of this was just another nightmare. As I went to make my bed, I started to hear some cracking sounds from my closet. It sounded more like cracking of ice. I was terrified and went near my closet to open it. To my shock, I found Ricky and Amina, my best friends, covered in ice. I went close to touch them and they shouted “Happy April Fool’s.” They started to laugh that tears started to come from their eyes. Then, after all this time, I realized that it was the first of April. April fool’s day. They had pranked me knowing the fact that I never like pranks. “How did you get inside?” I asked.

“Oh, your parents let us stay in the living room,” Amina said.

“But how come you guys set up all the ice when I was sleeping? You guys make noise a lot.”

“We duct-taped our mouth,” Ricky replied.

“Well, you guys have done great; I must admit.”

That was the first and the last time (I hope so) I was pranked. It was done well. Kudos to them for teaching me how to prank. I might as well play a prank in the future…

The story ends here. Thank you for reading! Do share your thoughts in the comments 🙂


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